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  • M.Gerald Schmilewski

    15 mars 2018
    With his horticultural background Gerald Schmilewski entered the world of peatlands and peat as a researcher at the German Peat Research Institute. Scientific and practical experience with a number of companies, universities and institutes, in combination with his curiosity and inquisitive nature deepened his knowledge in peat and peatland science, giving him the opportunity to … Continuer la lecture de M.Gerald Schmilewski
  • Dr Lera Miles

    Lera Miles is based at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), coordinating its work on REDD+ benefits and safeguards in support of the UN-REDD Programme. In 2017, she led a rapid analysis on carbon, biodiversity and land-use in the Central Congo Basin Peatlands, following the discoveries announced in January that year. … Continuer la lecture de Dr Lera Miles
  • Dr Norbert GAMI

    « Dr Norbert GAMI, anthropologue, de nationalité Congolaise (Brazzaville), titulaire d’un Doctorat en Anthropologie alimentaire depuis 1992 à l’Université Aix-Marseille III en France. Depuis 1995, je travaille comme anthropologue de la conservation pour l’aménagement et la valorisation des aires protégées en Afrique centrale sous le volet de l’implication des communautés Autochtones et locales dans la gestion … Continuer la lecture de Dr Norbert GAMI
  • M. Jessup Timothy C.

    Timothy Jessup is a technical and policy advisor, program leader, and researcher in the areas of forests and climate change, rural development, peatland restoration, and nature conservation with more than 25 years’ professional experience, mostly in Indonesia. He currently works for the Global Green Growth Institute, where he leads work on designing bankable projects for … Continuer la lecture de M. Jessup Timothy C.
  • M. Johan Kieft

    Johan focuses on green economy mainstreaming in development planning in Indonesia to address drivers of deforestation as well as work on improving the ability to address peat land fires and peat land management both through facilitating stakeholder engagement as well as providing high level policy advisory services. Before joining the UN-REDD team Johan worked as … Continuer la lecture de M. Johan Kieft
  • Hughes Jonathan

    « Jonathan Hughes is the CEO of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, Scotland’s leading environmental charity, and an elected global Councillor of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest conservation organisation. Since being fascinated by wildlife from the age of four, Jonathan has devoted his life to helping create a … Continuer la lecture de Hughes Jonathan
  • Dr. Refisch Johannes

    Johannes leads the secretariat for the Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP), a unique alliance of member nations, research institutions, conservation organizations, United Nations agencies and private supporters that is based at UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) headquarters in Nairobi. Johannes has a Diploma degree in animal ecology and has held scientific positions in Germany, Switzerland … Continuer la lecture de Dr. Refisch Johannes
  • M. Aldous Jay

    Jay brings to the Ramsar Secretariat more than two decades of integrated fundraising and communications experience. For the past four years Jay was the Director, Private Sector Division of the UN World Food Programme, overseeing relationships with businesses, foundations and NGO’s. Previously Jay was Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. … Continuer la lecture de M. Aldous Jay
  • Dr. Suspense Averti IFO

    Après mon doctorat unique en 2010 sur l’apport des stocks de carbone dans les forêts galeries des plateaux batékés, j’ai travaillé pendant deux ans pour le projet WRI et Winrock sur les quantifications des émissions de CO2 provenant de la déforestation et de la dégradation forestière en République du Congo. Depuis 2015, je suis assistant … Continuer la lecture de Dr. Suspense Averti IFO
  • M. Erik Solheim

    12 mars 2018
    Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment). Prior to joining UN Environment in August 2016, Solheim was the chair of the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). From 2007 to 2012, Solheim held the combined portfolio of Norway’s Minister of the Environment and International Development, and … Continuer la lecture de M. Erik Solheim