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  • Sri Murniningtyas

    20 mars 2018
    Sri Murniningtyas started her career as an officer of Ministry of Forestry in 1983. Her early years of service at the Ministry of Forestry required her to engage with roles in assisting preparation of Indonesian delegations to international events. Her service was expanded as she has been posted as Deputy Director for Multilateral Affairs, from … Continuer la lecture de Sri Murniningtyas

    Alue Dohong was officially sworn in as the Deputy for Construction, Operation, and Maintenance in February 2016. Alue started dealing with peat restoration in 2003 and founded the Institute of Environmental Education and Training (LP3LH) in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan. He also serves as lecturer staff at Economic Faculty Palangka Raya University (UPR) majoring on … Continuer la lecture de Dr. ALUE DOHONG
  • Dr. Thierry De Oliveira

    Thierry has been working as a professional economist for the past 20 years and dealt with issues ranging from development macro-economics at the national level; the linkages between poverty and environment; green economy roll-out at country level; implementation of natural capital accounting and valuation in more than 8 countries to date. Thierry has also published … Continuer la lecture de Dr. Thierry De Oliveira
  • Gaston Samba

    Gaston Samba, est un enseignant-chercheur à l’université Marien Ngouabi de Brazzaville (Congo) formé à l’université de Bourgogne (Dijon-France). Il est Maître des Conférences CAMES de géographie physique (spécialité climatologie). Partagez sur :
  • Pr. Simon Lewis

    Simon Lewis is Professor of Global Change Science at the University of Leeds and University College London. Prior to this he was a Royal Society University Research Fellow for nine years. A plant ecologist by training, he focuses on changes to the Earth system with a central focus on the tropics. He founded and co-manage … Continuer la lecture de Pr. Simon Lewis
  • Dr Assitou Ndinga

    Assitou Ndinga is a biologist. He holds the position of Consultant-Technical Advisor to Wetlands International, based in Dakar, Senegal since May 2010. Ndinga has long experience working for the Academic, Government and NGO sectors as he has spent several years working for the University of Congo, Government of Congo and International NGOs in Central and … Continuer la lecture de Dr Assitou Ndinga
  • Dianna Kopansky

    Dianna Kopansky is the Coordinator of the Global Peatlands Initiative and UN-REDD Programme in the Freshwater, Land and Climate Branch at UN Environment, based in Nairobi, Kenya. An expert in landscapes and biodiversity, she delivers a suite of ecosystem management and climate change programmes to contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals. Dianna … Continuer la lecture de Dianna Kopansky
  • Muhammad ZAHRUL Muttaqin

    Muhammad ZAHRUL Muttaqin is a researcher at the Centre for Socio-economic, Policy and Climate Change Research and Development (P3SEKPI) within Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia. His expertise and interests are forest economics and policy. He graduated from Bogor Agricultural University for his Bachelor in Forestry and Master of Management in Agribusiness. He … Continuer la lecture de Muhammad ZAHRUL Muttaqin
  • Raffles Brotestes Panjaitan

         Raffles Brotestes Panjaitan is officially in as The Director of Forest and Land Fire Management since 2013 till recently. He graduated from Faculty of Forestry , Bogor Agriculture Institute in 1985. After he has working for 15 years in Jambi Regional Forest service, In 1996-1997 he got scholarship from British council to continue … Continuer la lecture de Raffles Brotestes Panjaitan
  • Mme Flore Mireille Mabika Bampoutou

    Titulaire d’une MAITRISE ES LETTRES en Science et Technique de la Communication option Gestion d’Entreprise à la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de l’Université Marien NGOUABI où j’ai auparavant obtenu un DEUG en Droit tronc Commun à la Faculté de Droit. J’ai une expérience professionnelle de plus de 20 ans dans le domaine humanitaire … Continuer la lecture de Mme Flore Mireille Mabika Bampoutou